Last updated: March 5, 2020


We're on the mission to accelerate all people's prosperity by making the stock market inclusive, educational, and fun.

The original idea behind a company offering a public trade of its shares was supposed to mean that anyone could own a piece of the companies they believe in, but for many people, this just isn’t the case.

Since its formation in the late 18th century, the American stock market has consistently been the biggest driving force for prosperity in human history. Over time, the market’s average returns are about 10% annually — significantly higher than bonds and high-yield savings accounts.

We believe a significant reason why many people do not invest is due to a lack of financial literacy, expensive financial products, and soaring share prices that can require people to invest $1,000 or more to purchase a single share of popular, high-performing stocks. Public was built to address these factors with the aim of unlocking greater access to the stock market for a broader audience of investors.

With greater access, we believe we have a responsibility to create a safe environment for new investors, which is why we build guardrails into our product and do not allow day-trading nor offer complex trading instruments, like margin accounts, on our platform.

With Public, Everyone's an Investor